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I HAVE 5 KID10 GRANDKIDS,2 DOGS,1 and 2 LOUD PARAKEETS. I MISS THE 60'S AND THE 70'S,LOVE TO TAKE PICTURES OF MY FAMILY,,THEY ARE SO BURNED OUT ON ME AND MY CAMERA. ITS SUCH A RELIEF WHEN MY BATTERIES GO DEAD.My dream is to run away and work in a little book store in Ireland and live in a little stone cottage with a few cats and watch the sea.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

While reading a favorite blog this morning I came upon a band I have never heard of. The Avett Bros. They have stolen my heart. I can't stop singing the 2 songs I memorized. Peaceful old time tunes. I need a change. Peaceful would be a good way to go. My life has not been my own of late. My kids need me it seems. I think things are slowing down now and maybe I can sew again. Almost have that tied quilt for Bells finished. Did I tell you that she is walking? She's about to drive us crazy. Into everything now. You gotta be fast and pay attention or she's gone. I have loved this past year of having that baby girl in the house. When it comes to grandkids I am very blessed indeed. Natalie began her first day at pre school today. Heather called my crying. Natalie has never been away from her unless it was with me. Since she starts kindergarten next year Heather wanted to get her ready to be away from mama. Natalie did fine but mama not so much. Natalie is a very sweet child. She has no idea how to be mean or stand up for herself. Hoping she falls in with other sweet girls. Girls are not known for being sweet.
Since Joe put up my new clothesline I have enjoyed laundry in a new way. The goats have had to be locked up as they were spending too much time tasting my clothes.
Looks like time to get some wood put up for winter. Hot as it is, summer is coming to an end. Thank God. This has been a hot one. It sucks the life right out of me. I always thing about the people in the old days and how they must have suffered. I complain if the air conditioner cannot blow cold due to the rain caused humidity. Swamp coolers, that's what we use in New Mexico. Heavy on the word "swamp". I have lost interest in my farm on FB. It's so odd the way people are having a fit and trying to get me back. It's over. I loved it when I loved it and now it's over between us. I have become much more interested in the world of orphans. Praying for Molly to have an easy time getting her baby from Africa. I think it's never easy to grow your family no matter what way it happens. Maybe it never should be. It has to mean so much for you to hang on through the rough times. I know that God is watching over that baby and it's mama and keeping them safe until the time is just right. It's the most exciting thing. It is so hard to realize that the world has so many children in so much need when I sit here at my desk in my little house. I am all over the place today and that's okay. I'm no writer. Just a mom/grandma. Trying to be a better person one step at a time.


Blogger Biddie said...

A better person? I don't think that you have any idea how wonderful you really are :)
I am not ready for summer to end. I feel like I haven't done enough or spent enough time enjoying the sun..Winter comes too fast for me.

11:20 PM  
Blogger CrystalChick said...

My grandson is a fast one too, he took off out the door one morning and my daughter didn't even know he was gone until a neighbor brought him back. Little Houdini. He started pre-school and likes it alot. Our grandbaby girl is almost one. Time flies.
Yeah, I'm back to blogging here and there. Still spending most of my spare time (what's that anyway?) on FB but I try to update at Mary Says... for the ones who don't hang out there.


10:52 PM  

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